Recent Obituaries

Last Updated - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Join us in expressing our condolences to the families of those who have recently passed away. For further information, click on the name. If you would like to express your condolences online, you may wish to search for the obituary at, where you can leave a written message.


Edna Masterson-Nastasowski, Mother of Retiree Paul Nastasowski, Elec Instrument & Test Mechanic Foreman- Stickney


Rosa Thompson, Mother of Ronald Thompson, Applications Analyst- MOB


Irene T. Douglas, Mother of James A. Douglas, Assistant Master Mechanic- Egan WRP


Edward V. Andruszkiewicz, Father of Edward J. Andruszkiewicz, Senior Mechanical Engineer- Stickney WRP


Hansaben Patel, Mother of Jaimin K. Patel, Assistant Mechanical Engineer- MOBA

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