QILDRO Information for MWRDRF Members in Divorce Proceedings

QILDRO packet

QILDRO Addendum for Redacted Social Security Numbers (Optional Form)

A QILDRO (Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order) is a court order issued by an Illinois court that directs the MWRD Retirement Fund to pay an alternate payee a portion of a member's retirement benefit or certain refunds. An alternate payee is typically an ex-spouse, but may be a current spouse, child, or other dependent.

The alternate payee's share of the benefit or refund may be expressed in dollar amounts or percentages. If the QILDRO uses percentages, then the Calculation Order will be necessary to tell MWRD Retirement Fund how much to pay the alternate payee. The Calculation Order may be submitted once the amount of the retirement benefit or refund is known.

You may complete the QILDRO forms found online. Once approved by the court, send the certified copy of the QILDRO to MWRD Retirement Fund with the required $50.00 processing fee. If you are submitting a Calculation Order, a separate $50.00 processing fee must be submitted with the certified copy of the Calculation Order. The member's signed consent form is required if MWRD membership began before July 1, 1999.

Above is the link for the QILDRO Handbook, the QILDRO Consent form, the QILDRO Order, and the QILDRO Calculation Order. The forms are designed to be completed online and printed. They should not be retyped or altered in any way.  Any alterations to the form will invalidate the order.

It is strongly recommended that individuals obtain competent legal and/or other expert assistance due to the considerable financial impact of a divorce. This information is provided with the understanding that MWRDRF is not rendering legal, financial, or other professional advice.

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