The MWRDRF forms available online are in a Portable Document Format (PDF). These files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to view and print. To download a free copy of the Adobe software click here. If you have problems viewing any of these documents, we recommend that you make sure you are using the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.

Forms must be printed, completed, signed by the annuitant and sent to our office. In order for any change to take effect, the form must be signed by the annuitant and received by our office.

To open a form, click on its name.


W4-P Form Annuitants who wish to change their federal withholding taxes can effect a change by completing, signing and returning this form to the Fund.

Direct Deposit Form Annuitants who would like to change the bank or account to which their monthly annuity check is deposited or who would like to begin direct deposit should complete this form. To execute a change, please contact the office at (312) 751-3222 to request a form. 

Change of Address Annuitants or inactive members who want to advise the Fund of a change of address should contact the Fund at (312)751-3222 to initiate a change of address.

Beneficiary Form It is important for all members and annuitants to have a current designation of beneficiary form on file. This form indicates to whom the Fund should make payment of any refund due should you die and have no surviving spouse. Further details are available on the form. Be advised that the Retirement Fund, Deferred Compensation Plan (currently AIG), and the Credit Union each have their own beneficiary form.

POA Form If for any reason you may need someone to act on your behalf, the Fund will need a completed Illinois Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney on file. If you have any questions about this form, how it should be completed or used, please contact an attorney.

QILDRO A QILDRO (Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order) is a court order issued by an Illinois court that directs the MWRD Retirement Fund to pay an alternate payee a portion of a member's retirement benefit or certain refunds. An alternate payee is typically an ex-spouse, but may be a current spouse, child, or other dependent.

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