Managers and Brokers

Investment Managers

The Board hires qualified professional investment managers who have excellent capabilities in the management of assets of public retirement funds. They are given full discretion with specified objectives and guidelines to manage their assigned mandate. For diversification purposes, the Fund attempts to employ a diverse set of investment styles that complement each other. Specific biases relative to core, value and growth investment styles is formalized in the current asset allocation targets.

Although there is no specific number of investment managers that has been determined to be optimum, the goal is to utilize the minimal number of managers that provide an acceptable level of security and style diversification without exceeding the individual investment product/manager allocation limitations.

Investment Service Providers Contract Information

Minority Managers

It is the policy of the Board to include qualified minority, women and businesses owned by persons with disabilities (MWDBE) in the Fund's investment selection process.

Minority Broker/Dealers

The Fund has adopted a policy that encourages our investment managers to utilize qualified minority, women, disabled and veteran-owned broker/dealers who are capable of providing "best execution". Each investment manager is responsible for implementing trading policies that result in best execution in compliance with SEC regulations and reasonable commissions with such firms.



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