Addressing the Board of Trustees

To address the Board of Trustees about an agenda item you must print and complete this Form. Topics outside of listed agenda items, may be heard by the Board subject to the approval of the Board President.

Forms may be submitted to Retirement Fund staff prior to the Board meeting or at the Board meeting prior to the call to order. Public comments are limited to three (3) minutes.

When addressing the Board, speakers must state their name, years of service and membership status if applicable; or if you are representing an organization, the name of that group. Speakers are limited to their remarks and shall not deliver the remarks of someone else.

Defamatory or abusive language shall not be used by a speaker. Undue interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of the Board’s business will not be allowed.

The Board President may terminate a speaker’s statement if the speaker persists in improper conduct or remarks.
Statements consisting of solicitation of goods or services are prohibited.

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